• We are each individually-wrapped points of consciousness, are we not?
• When I reach out into the world and build a work of art, and you observe it, there is a bridge that is built between us.
• I would like the bridge between us to be profound. I believe the best artists strive to communicate their most personal, intimate, authentic experiences. But it's not easy. The artist has to do a dive-deep into his own heart and come to understand and then express the intimate things to be found there. That's where I'm diving.
- Jim Parks

Jim Parks - Bio
I was six when the kids on the block started calling me “The Artist." I always had a pencil or paintbrush in my hand.
But when it came time to make a living, the theater called and I performed on many stages. I ended up with a long career on TV and radio commercials…culminating in becoming the on-air host of "New Spaces" on HGTV, a remodeling show that aired for 10 years.
At the end of that stint, moving into semi-retirement and itching to paint seriously, I began to produce the art that had been sitting there, unexpressed, for most of my working life...as if a key had been turned. Artwork started to flow through me again and into the world.
I painted flowers at first. I loved the tangled vegetation beneath that gives rise to the glory and purpose of a flower. Then I moved away from the squared-off confines of the canvas to the curvilinear freedom of shaped wood. I made "wall sculptures” out of layers of thin painted panels. I explored layers and edges that could be as curved and interesting as my jigsaw would allow. 
From there I left the aspects of painting— color, value, texture, shading, and transparency — behind. I moved on to the medium of wire, where the only aspect I have to work with is line. 
…But it is line that can be manipulated into pleasing compositions. For example, I recently finished a wire homage to a Toulouse-Lautrec painting of a seated dancer. Looking at his painting, I mentally remove the color, value, and texture from his painting, and what is revealed to me are the beautiful bones of his composition. I can celebrate this skeleton, this framework. in wire.

To delineate the details of, say, the dancer’s tutu, I use wire that is so thin that I need a tweezers to grasp it. Then, to  describe the powerful curve of the dancer’s calf, I grit my teeth wrestle with stubborn 12-gauge monster-wire. I apply the pliers and convince it to leave the industrial bend it received at the factory and assume the graceful shape I see in my mind. 

I go from seamstress to blacksmith.

…So my workbench can be a dance floor, boxing ring, or back alley. The paint, the wood, the wire, and I continue to meet there to hash out the next new construction. We crave the pleasure of the dance, the challenge of the fight, and the struggles in-between.



• Morpho Gallery - Jan 2017
• Curt's Cafe - Feb 2017
• Victory Lakes Art Gallery Mar 2017 
• JourneyCare Corporate Office - Apr 2017
• LePeep Restaurant - May 2017 
• Evanston Public Library, Public Display - Jun 2017  
• Blick Art Materials Public Display - Jul 2017  
• Pop-Up Gallery - Aug 2017
• Victory Lakes Guest Art Demonstration (and permanent display) - Aug 2017
• Creative Coworking Public Display - Sep 2017
• City of Deerfield IL, Public Art Program - Sep 2017
• Ice House Gallery - Oct - Dec 2017
• Uncommon Ground Restaurant - Feb - Apr 2018
• Evanston Made Arts Festival - Jun 2018
• Industrious Corporate Display - Jun 2018
• City of Deerfield IL, Public Art Program - Sep 2018
• Gallery OTR - Mar 2018
• Uncommon Ground Restaurant - Jan - Mar 2019
• Gallery OTR - May 2019
• Evanston Made Arts Festival - Jun 2019
• Industrious Public Display Aug - Oct. 2019
• Creative Coworking Public Display - Jun - Aug 2019
• City of Deerfield IL, Public Art Program - Sep 2019
• Ice House Gallery - Sep - Dec 2019
• City of Deerfield IL, Public Art Program - Sep 2020
• Gallery OTR - Mar 2020
• Creative Coworking Public Display - Jan - Apr 2020
• Industrious Public Display - Oct 2020- Feb 2021
• Stola Gallery: Imagine...Peace, Love & Understanding - Aug - Sep 
• Stola Gallery: Rest In Power! The Life, Legacy, and Mission of Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dec - Nov 2020
• Stola Gallery: Liberty and Justice For All? Apr - Jun 2021
• Evanston Made Arts Festival - Jun 2021
• The Art Center HIghland Park, Interconnectivity - Jun 2021
• Evanston Made Pop-Up Gallery
• Stola Gallery: Celebrate LGBTQ! - Nov-Dec 2021
• Stola Gallery: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
• Evanston Made Holiday Store - Nov.-Dec. 2022
• Creative Coworking Public Display - Jan - Feb 2022

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