There is a force -- a creative urge -- that artists often feel when they work. It's a force that puts us in a trance. Time stands still and the world's concerns fall away. Nothing else matters.
This force is a better painter than I am, and it's insistent on how to proceed. Sometimes it's so insistent that I, the artist, need to step aside and let it do its thing...although sometimes, when I can't let go of control, and I get my nose too much in the creative force's process, it yells at me: "Sit down, shut up, and hand over the paintbrush!"
So I sit down and let the work proceed. When the work is finished, I come out of the trance, look at what's been created...and usually get a nice buzz.
I hope you get a buzz too.
- Jim Parks

Growing up, I was one of those kids that always had a paintbrush in his hand. I was six when the kids on the block started calling me “The Artist."
But when it came time to make a living, the theater called, and I performed in many of them. I ended up with a long career on TV and radio commercials...eventually becoming the on-air host of "New Spaces" on HGTV, a remodeling show that aired for 10 years.
At the end of that stint, itching to paint seriously at the age of 65, I converted the dining room of my home into a studio and began to produce the art that had been sitting there, unexpressed, all those years. Painting had been kept at bay for so long that when the stars finally aligned for me to paint seriously, it all came gushing out. One after another. 
As these works took shape, I discovered a deep connection with Van Gogh's work. And why not? He's the best. He felt the texture of the world like no other. Examine many of my pieces and you'll find many homages to Vincent’s vision: a swirl here and a twisted branch there.
During the working life that has been spent acting on stages and in front of cameras, I’ve been busy watching and observing the beauty that Nature lays at our feet. Now, at my…”advanced age”…I embrace my good fortune in finally being able to express it.




 • Morpho Gallery - Jan 2017

 • Curt's Cafe - Feb 2017

 • Victory Lakes Art Gallery Mar 2017 (Continuing)

 • JourneyCare Corporate Office - Apr 2017

 • LePeep Restaurant - May 2017 (Continuing)

 • Evanston Public Library - Jun 2017  

 • Blick Art Materials - Jul 2017  

 • Pop-Up Gallery - Aug 2017

 • Victory Lakes Guest Art Demonstration - Aug 2017

• Creative Coworking - Sep 2017

 • City of Deerfield IL - Sep 2017 (Continuing)

 • Ice House Gallery - Oct - Dec 2017 (Continuing)

 • Gallery OTR - Mar 2018

 • Uncommon Ground - Apr - Jun 2018

• Evanston Made - Jun 2018




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