There is a force -- a creative urge -- that artists often feel overtake them when they work. At least I do. Oftentimes this force can put us into a form of which time stands still and the world's concerns fall away. Nothing else matters.
This force is a better painter than I am, and it's often insistent on how to proceed. Sometimes it's so insistent that I, the artist, need to step aside and let it take over. When I can't let go of control, when I get my nose too much in the process, it yells, "Sit down, shut up, and hand over the paintbrush!"
So I sit down and let the work proceed. When the work is finished, I come out of the trance...and when I look at at what's been created, 'm always surprised, and I always  receive a deep feeling of satisfaction.
I hope my viewers receive a deep feeling of satisfaction too.
- Jim Parks






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