There is a force -- a creative urge -- that overtakes some artists when they work. I am one of those artists. When I sit down to work, I feel a sense of extreme focus coming on. "Trance" might be a more discriptive word. I've heard it described as a "state of flow." It's as if all the world's concerns fall away, and there is nothing except the paint or tools or wood in my hands. 
This force is a better artist than I am. This force is often insistent on how to proceed. It says to me, "Sit down, shut up, and hand over the paintbrush!" ...And I need to step aside and let it take over. Sometimes stepping aside is easy. Oftentimes it's not. 
When the work is finished, I step out of the partial coma I've been in and look at at what's been created. I feel as if Nature has worked through me, using my hands to create something meaningful.
May you find the art pieces herein to be meaningful as well.
- Jim Parks






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