There is a force -- a creative urge -- that overtakes some artists when they work. I am one of those artists. When I sit down to work, I feel a sense of extreme focus coming on. "Trance" might be a more descriptive word. I've heard it described as a "state of flow.” To me, all concerns fall away, and there is nothing in all the world except the object that is taking shape in my hands.
When this creative urge is all revved up, it says to me, "Sit down, shut up, and hand over the paintbrush!" It’s like a wave at the beach coming at you that is so big and powerful that it lifts you off your feet...and you’ve gotta hold on tight and hope for the best. When a day's work comes to an end, it’s a bit like stepping out of a coma. And there' new artwork  in my hands. 
- Jim Parks






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